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Pinball MachinesPinball Machines - Pinball first began way back in 1777 when it was called Bagatelle and then it evolved later on around 1869. We have info on pinball machines for sale, pinball machine parts, discount pinball machines and more related topics.

Elvis playfield (Click to enlarge)
Elvis Playfield

Bada bing girls (Click to enlarge)
Bada Bing Girls

If you are looking for discount pinball machines then you cant go wrong with these two great pinball machines. Live the life of a gangster with The Sopranos game or listen to the classic hit from the Elvis pinball machine.

Discount Pinball Machines

Sopranos (Click to enlarge)

The Sopranos
Stern Pinball brings you The Sopranos pinball machine, jump in to the world of The Sopranos and experience it with this machine. For all those who have been spellbound by mobster themed movies and television shows throughout the years, The Sopranos discount pinball machine is a must for any player, distributor, operator and home collector wanting to share in the excitement.

Sopranos tv show (Click to enlarge)
Sopranos TV Show

The game features characters from the award winning TV show, Tony Soprano and his two families, his immediate family and his "FAMILY". When you play this discount pinball machine you can rise through the ranks to Boss. Playing this great pinball machine you will notice many parts of the actual show including the dancing girls of the Bada Bing, Tony Soprano's boat, The Stugots, with a classic multi-ball feature; a safe that cracks open after being whacked by the ball and the talking fish from Season Two that always jokes around with the player. Many of the characters voices from the show are also used on this pinball machine

This great pinball machine can be yours at a great price of $4,695 from Discount Arcade.

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Greater Southern - Discount pinball machines, games, Williams, Stern and SEGA pinball machines.

Discount Arcade - Great choice of discount pinball machines, this site ships anywhere in the continental United States, and most anywhere in the

Elvis (Click to enlarge)

The Elvis pinball machine by Stern is the most musical pinball machine ever built. This machine celebrates the life, music, Rock n' Roll and the legend that is Elvis. If you have your eye out for discount pinball machines then you can't go far wrong with this ultimate pinball machine. If you are a pinball machine collector or just a Elvis memorabilia collector then this machine will enhance any collection out there.

The Elvis pinball machine has Elvis singing some of his greatest hits including "See See Rider," "Blue Suede Shoes," "All Shook Up," "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," "Heartbreak Hotel," and "Burning Love." The actual sound recordings used in the game are from the famed Elvis "1968 Comeback" TV Special, as well as clips from the "Aloha from Hawaii" TV Special.

Priced at $6,395 this machine is a bargain, for this machine and more discount pinball machines check out Discount Arcade.

Elvis presley (Click to enlarge)
Elvis Presley

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